A Positive Force – Coaching and Art

Life is meant to be an exciting adventure, filled with the positive – joy, delight and love in the things you do, personally and professionally, and in all of your relationships. Are you asking “How?” Ultimately, it is about the small choices we make each day. We create our lives by small, and not-so-small, choices that all add up to this life around us. The word is that happy, joyful people are more fulfilled in their lives, they are often healthier and they have more fun. So, how do we get there from here?  Two things that come immediately to mind are coaching and art/creativity. Also, you might want to see you others follow their dreams and reach their goals by watching Wide Open.

A coach helps you to stay on track and focused on achieving what you want. Coaching helps you attain those things that you most desire while avoiding persistent distractions and the fear of moving forward. People are too often stopped in their forward movement by being overwhelmed with fear: not being good enough; what to do first/next; what if I fail .  .   .  Coaching is a nurturing, supportive and successful way to reach your dreams, find more joy in your life and find professional fulfillment that you absolutely love! For more information on coaching check out Coaching for You.

Art and Creativity: I encourage you to open into your own creativity. People sometimes say that they are not artists and have no creativity, but they can make the computer sing and dance, they build charming fences and decks or maybe they create beautiful gardens or delectable meals. Art and creativity happens while we are sitting at our desks or staring out the window, when we think that we need to be writing the current proposal on an upcoming project. It is in the dreaming and letting our minds wonder that we are inspired in a new direction, a new design or a totally different answer to an old problem. Art may be a physical manifestation of that creativity and art comes in a variety of packages. I do have a studio, Cherie’s Faerie Garden Studio, where delightful whimsy comes to life. Check out more about art and creativity, my studio and how inspiration sometimes works.

WIDE OPEN -  Would you like to be more open to new possibilities and opportunities? Join us on Wide Open to see how others have reached, or are working toward, their dreams and their goals. Wide Open is about taking positive steps to reach your goals – being open to new opportunities as they arise, opening into possibilities, identifying what excites you and what you are passionate about;  about staying  focused on your goals and dreams (and what to do when you get distracted;) about playing and having fun with life. Each episode features a different guest. It is a fun, playful and interesting half hour. For the current viewing schedule, see the Wide Open schedule & more.


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